Learn how to schedule your own social media posts!

Oh no! You got busy with client work and forgot to post AGAIN in your social networks. You know consistency is important and you really try, but this social media thing is a black hole! Posting every single day is just too much! How are other people doing that? In this course, you will learn why you should schedule (at least some of) your social media posts, how to find the best times to post, which scheduling tools to use, and a step-by-step walk through of 3 social media scheduling tools. Don't wait any longer and save time, be consistent and achieve your marketing goals by learning to schedule your social media posts!
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What you will learn:

Join me for this virtual training! I will show you how to schedule your own social media marketing posts to save you time, be more consistent and achieve your marketing goals!


  • Your Own Social Media Scheduling Template!

    Get your very own Social Media Scheduling Template you can use over and over again to find your best times to post - or just to schedule your posts!

  • Scheduling Tool Comparison!

    To make it easier for you to decide which scheduling tool is right for you, I include a scheduling tool comparison of over 10 different tools!

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About Wendy LugoSantiago

  • Wendy LugoSantiago

    Wendy LugoSantiago

    Hello, I am Wendy LugoSantiago. I help entrepreneurs and small businesses to jumpstart their online visibility by providing social media marketing strategy, social media training, and social media management. I have worked with multiple clients on social media since 2008 and I can teach you the shortcuts and tricks it takes to show up on social media on brand, consistent and sharing your intended message. Aside from my continuous education in social media, my claim to fame is that all of my clients find me on social media. They contact me. Can you imagine what that would do for your business if prospective clients are contacting you? No cold calling involved.